A downloadable microgame for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Quest Quest provides no choices to make. It's barely amusing. Your victory will not be celebrated.

QQ is an open microgame that distills the core values of RPGs into an experience where every playthrough is unique.

All builds, code, and data are CC0. Download, use, and modify as you see fit. Let me know if you do though, i'd probably think what you make is cool.

QQ is proudly made with Clojure and play-clj/libgdx, you can find the source code and assets here: Quest Quest on Github

If you need support with the game or have concerns or comments, please contact @meatcompute on twitter.

This is my first game release, so if you appreciated Quest Quest, please send it to a friend instead of spending money on it.

Art by Steven Fick

Check out Zach Oakes's Making Games At Runtime With Clojure for an excellent talk about play-clj and a peek at an earlier version of Quest Quest.

Install instructions

You need at least Java 1.6 installed on your machine to play.

With the .jar file downloaded, you should be able to simply execute the file and play.

You can fullscreen the window if you prefer, and the game window can be scaled in any direction. Hold shift when scaling from a corner to maintain the intended aspect ratio.


quest-quest.jar 20 MB